Oak name plaque

Oak name plaque


Our gorgeous name plaques are a beautiful addition to any bedroom/nursery & the best part of all is their versatility from birth to big girl/boy!

Size: Each plaque is approximately 30cm wide and height will vary depending on the amount of letters in each name or word of choice. Our acrylic and bamboo are 3mm thick. 

- Longer names will be smaller in height as it will looked too stretched if the height is increased too much.

- Shorter names will increase in height. (We also do larger size name plaques -60cm)

JUMBO 60cm
Please see Jumbo Name Plaque listing for this size.


Please note: One name per plaque. If you would like more than one name/word please contact us as we will need to cut them all the same height.




These items are intended for decor use only; and are fragile so please keep out of reach of little hands. 


Note: Due to the natural nature of this material, grain and colour may vary slightly. Also, please read our shipping advice before placing your order.